This course is for fifth semester student

HRM has been recognised as an essential part of every managers responsibility.This course tries to open the doors of management of people for the students and to create an awareness about human resource management.

This course is for sixth semester B.Com students

This course is for final year students

>      To  familiarize  student  with  the  use  quantitative  techniques  in  managerial  decision making.
Module I Quantitative Techniques - Introduction - Meaning and definition - Classification of Q.T QT and other disciplines -Application of QT in business -Limitations.       05 Hours

Module II Correlation  and  Regression  Analysis  :  Meaning  and  definition  of  Correlation  -  Karl  Pearson's co-efficient of correlation - Rank correlation - Regression - Types -Determination of simple linear regression - Coefficient of determination.         20 Hours 

Module III Set  Theory  -  Probability:  Concept  of  probability  -  Meaning  and  definition  -  Approaches  to probability - Theorems of probability - Addition Theorem - Multiplication Theorem -Conditional probability- Inverse probability- Baye'sTheorem.        15 Hours

Module IV Theoretical Distribution: Binomial distribution - Basic assumptions and characteristics -Fitting of binomial  distribution  -  Poisson  distribution  -  characteristics  -  Fitting  of  Poisson  distribution  - Normal distribution - Features and properties - Standard normal curve.   15 Hours
Module V Statistical Inference : Testing of hypothesis - Procedure - Error in testing - Two tail tests and one tail tests - Non parametric tests (Chi-square test only) - Parametric tests - Z test -Test of significance of large samples-Test for two sample means-Small sample mean tests - Students t test - Analysis of Variance - F test - One way ANOVA .                    20 Hours

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2. S.P.Gupta, Statistical Methods, Sultan Chand, latest edition

3. Sanchetti and Kapoor, Statistics, Sultan Chand.

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