Module I

Kerala tourism: an overview – geographical features of Kerala in brief, climate, flora and

fauna, society and culture, favourable condition for tourism growth in Kerala.

Module I

Cultural resources – Style of architecture, classical art forms, folk arts, martial art forms,

traditional art forms, handicrafts, painting, forts, palaces, museums, art galleries, parks, other

man-made attractions.

Module III

Natural resources: Flora and fauna, major wild life sanctuaries, waterfalls, national park,

biodiversity, hill stations, caves, beaches, backwaters, islands, mangroves, farms and

plantations, ecotourism in Kerala (all in brief).

Module IV

Developments in Kerala tourism: Department of Tourism, role of KTDC, DTPC, TRKL,

BRDC, KITTS, Ecotourism Directorate, Kerala tourism policy, Tourism vision statement,

Kerala tourism promotion, Travel marts, Road shows, publicity materials, sustainable tourism